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Consultations & online Plans

Leah’s treatment plan starts with an initial naturopathic consultation where a comprehensive case history including current conditions, past health history, diet and life style are reviewed. Leah’s aim is to listen to your health goals, understand more about what you would want to achieve and help you get there. The Initial consultation may include a physical examination: Diet Analysis, Tongue & Nail analysis, Blood Pressure, Zinc tally, PH test.

After the appointment Leah will spend time researching and creating a tailor made treatment plan that will assist you achieving your health goals and reach optimal health. If any further functional pathology testing are needed, you will be referred to your GP or pathology clinic for further investigation at extra costs.

After two weeks, a return consultation  of 30 minute will be conducted. In this meeting Leah will present your treatment plan, review your health progress, health goals and adjust your plan based on your health progress. In the ongoing return consultations Leah will continue to educate you and provide practical tools to assist you in your journey.

What women say

“Leah's class was great, easy to follow by step lessons, and uncomplicated recipes. This was a great shift for me, now I know how I can eat delicious food without feeling sluggish and bloated while losing a few pounds, thanks! “ Lorena Barker