How to start clean eating & lose weight ?

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How to start clean eating & lose weight ?

What is clean eating?

Clean eating way of life and clean eating diet focuses on unprocessed whole food that is as close to its natural form as possible in order to nourish our bodies.

Choosing clean eating as a lifestyle can also provide benefits such as weight loss, energy and over all wellbeing.

What foods are clean eating?

so what should we eat if we want to start eating clean diet , Is Rice clean eating, Are eggs clean eating ,Is Pasta clean eating?

Ideally, we want to focus on natural and as minimally processed food as possible this means more vegetables more whole gains and less bread, sugars, white pasta and packaged food.

Good quality source of protein is also important, such as pasture raised eggs, grass fed meat and free-range chicken.

You can create clean eating recipes at home or even adapt family recipes to clean eating recipes with just a few simple steps.

Simple Ways to Start Clean Eating Today

1.Read the labels

If there a many ingredient, it’s too process, if you are not familiar with the worlds it too process. Try to stick with as little ingredients list as possible up to 5 ingredients to avoider any questionable ingredients.

2.Limit processed foods

The first step is to identify what processed foods do you consume daily, once you have done that try to swap to healthier cleaner options.
Clean eating meals at home should not complicated for example, swap your breakfast cereal for overnight oats or chia pudding (link to my recipe).Making your own salad dressing to avoid extra sugars, harmful oils. When making Clean eating meals choose more good quality pantry staples such as extra virgin olive oil, Coconut oil, balsamic vinegar or Apple sider vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey (if you’re after a sweeter flavor), salt and pepper to keep it simple but delicious.

3.Eat the rainbow

Probably the easiest way to know you are having enough fruit and vegetables and are eating clean healthy diet. The benefits to eating a variety of fruit and vegetables are providing nutrients, vitamins and mineral for a healthy body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases and obesity. Choose Blue/ Purple, Green, Orang/Yellow and red fruit and vegetables everyday for optimal health.
I highly recommend to go organic whenever possible, local fresh produce and eat as many colors as possible. Each color of vegetables has different benefits and purposes as well as different flavors to introduce to your taste buds to ‘”train” them to choose healthy clean diet.

4.Go Whole Grain

Choose grains who have been the least process such as: Wild rice, Quinoa, Millet and Amaranth. If you consume more process grain on daily basis and wants to ease in to clean eating chose whole wheat pasta over white paste, Brown basmati rice over white rice and a good quality whole grains that have not been stripped out of its nutrients and fibers, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory purposes. When you choose whole grains in small amounts over white and refined grains you are likely to lose weight faster.

5. Focus on real food not calories

It’s easy to be fooled by the shiny promising labels that tells us a specific packed food we like has very little calories, amazing right? no really. Not if the product has many unrecognizable ingredients that are most likely unnatural and at time our body does even know how to break it.

6.Reconsider Alcohol and Caffeine

When it comes to coffee the evidences are divided, some researches show the benefits of daily consumptions while other clinical trial show the effects on our nervous system and overall health. If you do not suffer from any sleeping disorders or anxiety stick to one cup a day and avoid any added sugar.
While some of us enjoy a alcohol once a week or maybe drink one glass of wine every night after work, we need to look closer and identify what is the place of alcohol in our life. often, we are just in need of a ritual to unwind or to destress and not necessarily the alcohol itself.

If choosing to drink alcohol, choose red wine as it has antioxidants that benefits our body, and indulge every now and then rather than making it a habit.

Can you lose weight just by eating clean?

Well, unfortunately, that is not the case for some of us, often, there is an underling problem that will slow down weight loss even when we are eating clean and in balance amounts.

If you are eating a healthy clean diet and still not losing those extra kilos you might want to do some further investigation.

While eating clean and real food is very important there are more pillars that must be balanced and healthy in your life in order to feel and look your absolute best.

Consistent good quality sleep, being active, as well as emotionally and hormonally balanced and healthy will be the main factors to determine your overall wellbeing and particularly your weight.

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