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Leah is a certified Naturopath operating in Melbourne.


WELCOME To Naturopath Melbourne



Hi, my name is Leah , I’m a qualified naturopath working and operating in Melbourne to empower & educate women in my clinic and around the world.

My role is to help you reach your optimal health. I specialize in Women’s health, weight loss for busy women, and healthy  lifestyle journeys.


We provide full guidance & support , teaching you how to eat healthy, mindful eating through listening to your body signs and need will provide you a way of life that is healthy physically as well as mentally.
Learn how to fall back in love with your body and mind, as women/mothers we often forget to invest in ourselves , learn how to create small habits & routines that work for you



Stay active through out the day, explore different options according to your personal situation
Experiencing sleep issues? insomnia? frequent unexplained wakes ? Learn how to reach consistent good quality sleep and what's preventing you to get there


What Our vital & Happy Clients Say About Us

By the time I had completed the 10-day boost, I actually preferred and craved healthy wholesome food and my sleep improved greatly!

Ori Ben

My sugar craving had vanished! After the 10 days I Felt more energized I have felt in a while and decided to continue the program for another 10 days as Leah suggested, now I can finally say I do not crave sugar on a daily basis and I’ve even lost 4kg in 20 days


Leah's class was great, easy to follow by step lessons, and uncomplicated recipes. This was a great shift for me, now I know how I can eat delicious food without feeling sluggish and bloated while losing a few pounds, thanks!