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WELCOME TO leah Cohen naturopathy



Hi, my name is Leah , I’m a qualified naturopath working to empower & educate women in my clinic and around the world.

My role is to help you reach your optimal health.

I specialize in Women’s health, weight loss for busy women, and healthy  lifestyle journeys.




Real wholesome food, meal plans and eating education
Learn how to love yourself more, relationship with food and healthy habits



Stay active through out the day, explore different options according to your personal situation
Learn how to reach consistent good quality sleep and what's preventing you to get there


What Our vital & Happy Clients Say About Us

By the time I had completed the 10-day boost, I actually preferred and craved healthy wholesome food and my sleep improved greatly!

Ori Ben

My sugar craving had vanished! After the 10 days I Felt more energized I have felt in a while and decided to continue the program for another 10 days as Leah suggested, now I can finally say I do not crave sugar on a daily basis and I’ve even lost 4kg in 20 days


Leah's class was great, easy to follow by step lessons, and uncomplicated recipes. This was a great shift for me, now I know how I can eat delicious food without feeling sluggish and bloated while losing a few pounds, thanks!